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Blurring the boundaries between art and structure, H_Edge was born from deep investigations into tensegrity, a desire to challenge well-known architectural typologies and a fascination with the ‘void’ integral to every atom in the universe.

Inspired by the Indian rope trick, H_Edge is assembled using thousands of ‘x’-shaped aluminium plates that are held, one above the other, in tension by stainless steel chains. What appears to hang from overhead, on closer inspection and against intuition, rises from the floor. Chain links sparkle, appearing like rain as they reflect the light, and layers of silver planes form an ethereal, metallic, installation that visitors are free to walk around, within and through.

For Balmond, H_Edge is more than an art installation, ‘Conceived from a deep inner logic, H_Edge embodies concepts of nothing and everything; infinity and zero, creating a powerful experience that resonates with our primal affinity with space and form’ he explains. H_Edge is immeasurable, it has no border, no volume and, as Balmond describes, ‘is a tactile representation of the Universe – finite but unbounded.’

H_Edge has been exhibited to critical acclaim at Artists Space,New York, 2006; Graham Foundation of Fine Art, Chicago, 2008;  Carnegie Museum of Fine Art,Pittsburgh, USA, 2009; Tokyo Opera City Gallery,Japan, 2010; Targetti + Louis Poulsen Showroom, Spazio Luce, Milan, 2011; Museo Salvatore Ferragamo,Florence, 2014; and, most recently, at Spitalfields,London, 2014.

New York, USA; Chicago, USA; Pittsburgh, USA; Tokyo, Japan; Milan, Italy; Florence, Italy; London, UK
Arup AGU
Art Installation