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Re-inventing creation

For centuries we have placed ourselves at the centre of an external universe.

The individual separate from the world, controlling and fixing space. The outside is everything - appearance and object being all that matter.

But we think things differently.

Life is information.

A multiplex of overlapping organisational systems. However, we’re not distinct from these networks. We’re a part of them too.

So we see the world from the inside out, exploring and identifying with the inner workings at the heart of things.

Now form is no longer about objects; it’s about the internal forces shaping their organisation.

The conventional idea of design is turned on its head.

We travel within to engage process, working in the crossover between art and science. To a place of number,algorithm and pattern – the very roots of order. Here, form isn't preconceived. Rather it is driven by forces, mysteriously emerging on its own, echoing past experience and future possibility.

Investigating and unraveling organisational systems is at the core of our research. And it influences everything we do from large-scale architecture to public art.

Our approach produces distinct and truly unique designs.

We fundamentally change how people experience the world.