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The City of Syracuse initiated an open competition in December of 2014, and after a shortlist and public presentation, landscape architect !melk + Cecil Balmond had the honour of being selected as the winner of the commission to redesign the former One Lincoln Center Plaza/Perseverance Park site. As part of an urban redevelopment, Cecil Balmond has created an integrated public art piece in the landscape, leaping from the ground and coming back down in a vortex of louvres and shifting glass. The non-symmetrical form creates momentum around the piece, engaging the eye to move inside and out around the landscape. Park residents interact with the piece by gazing through an oculus from the north end of the park and by following a ramp onto an internal platform. The spiralling louvres animate the sculpture during the spring and summer by collecting and moving rainwater around the exterior, while at winter snow gathers on them and inside the oculus.

Syracuse, New York
Expected 2018
Public Art
City of Syracuse