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Primes permeate everything from the natural world to data encryption and syllabic construction in poetry. They are pervasive and fundamental. Yet primes are one of the greatest enigmas in mathematics. Because it is almost impossible to spot a pattern to predict the next prime.

Prime Climb engages the mystery head on, shining new light on the shadow of mathematical ambiguity. What is it? A temporary rock-climbing wall configured using the numerical gaps between prime numbers.

What does it feel like to feel prime numbers? To climb a mathematical wall of mystery?

By moving from the abstract mathematical to the experiential, prime numbers are no longer confined to the page or the calculator. We have made things visceral. People of all ages can grasp, grab, push and pull on specifically-positioned climbing holds that evoke the prime mystery. We do not answer any questions. We give no solutions. We simply create a moment in time where people acknowledge, reflect on, and most importantly through climbing, overcome these nonsensical numbers.

To interact with Primes is to appreciate them in a whole new way.

Temporary rock-climbing wall