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The results of reSITE festival’s 2.5 day dPAV workshop run by Cecil Balmond and Balmond Studio’s Tyson Hosmer are out!

The workshop, co-organised by a ARCHIP – Architectural Institute in Prague, was held from June 21st to 23rd 2013. The workshop participants were selected by an international jury from a number of people from various fields – architects, designers, cultural managers, programmers, designers and representatives of other specialisations, to create multidisciplinary teams. These teams of researchers collaborated for 2.5 days on a design concept of the future mobile pavilion, which will become a distinguishing feature of the festival in the upcoming years.

Congratulations to Pierre Cutellic (France), Christopher Hanzlík (Czech Republic), Jan Pelčík (Czech Republic), Alma Dzinalija (Albania) and Morten Hougaard Bilde (Denmark)!