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In anticipation of Cecil Balmond’s acclaimed sculpture H_Edge’s arrival in Spitalfields, London on the 21st July, We’re looking back at where else H_Edge has been…

It’s debut was in Artist Space, New York in 2006. Curated by Christian Rattemayer, it ran from 14th September to 28th October. Read about it here

H_Edge’s second exhibition was held at the Graham Foundation of Fine Art, Chicago. H_Edge featured as part of the Solid Void show alongside another Cecil Balmond piece Danzer. It ran from the 26th September, 2008 until 20th June, 2009.

In 2009, H_Edge was shown at the Forum 64 exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. The hanging illusion H_edge emits became a key part of the exhibit. Raymund Ryan, architecture curator at the museum explains ‘H_edge is an installation, it’s a labyrinth. The intention is people will enjoy wandering through this thing but be puzzled how it stays vertical.” H_edge furthered the core mission of the Carnegie Museum by supporting the advancement of art and science. Ryan continues ‘Balmond achieves the remarkable feat of designing structures that avail themselves of contemporary technology and thinking yet are also inspired by patterns found in nature and in ancient cultures from around the globe’ It ran from November 14th 2009 through to May 30th the following year.

H_Edge was then shown at Element, an exhibition held at Tokyo Opera City gallery, documented Balmond’s exploration of nature, geometry, pattern and space. H_Edge and Danzer were shown together again, alongside photographs and drawings. The latter intended to create an exhibition that truly honed the senses – making the visitor use their body, rather than information, to gain understanding. It ran from the 16th January until 22nd March 2010. 

In 2011, H_Edge featured in Nebula exhibition held at Spazio e Luce Targetti & Louis Poulson Showroom, Milan

H_Edge’s last stop before it’s eagerly awaited arrival in Spitalfields on the 21st July was at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, Italy. H_Edge was part of the exhibition ‘Equilibrium’, which also featured the debut of another Balmond work ‘Strange Attractor’ as well as a whole host of other artists such as Marina Abramovic, Antony Gormley, Bill Viola and Giulio Paolini; luminaries such as Bruce Nauman, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, Adriano Cecioni, Henri Matisse and Auguste Rodin. The exhibition was curated by Stefania Ricci and Sergio Risaliti in collaboration with Emmaneule Enria. The exhibition runs from the 19th June 2014, until 12th April 2015, with Strange Attractor remaining behind as H_Edge comes to London. Read about it here