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Our Crossover website is live! Take part and enter to win one of five (5) copies of Crossover signed by Cecil Balmond.

Pattern, Connection, Material, Limits, Nature and Element. These are just a few of the key themes explored by designer Cecil Balmond in his new book Crossover. But what do these words mean to you?

Tapping into the Twittersphere, is an interactive social experiment that collects live tweets from around the world highlighting the never-ending interpretation of these six words in a global context. The constant and universal occurrence of these concepts rhythmically activates the algorithmic pattern. The pattern that also appears on the cover of Crossover, described by Cecil as “an unknown zone”.
By tweeting your own personal definition of one of the words, your live information is ‘captured’ and represented by a still graphic that will be entered into a database. Combining all the graphics produced, the database will then build in size and density and the patterns will be seen in totality.

All tweets composed from this website that include one of the following: ‘Pattern’ or ‘Connection’ or ‘Material’ or ‘Limits’ or ‘Nature’ or ‘Element’ in addition to ‘@crossoverbook’, ‘#balmondstudio’ and ‘’ will automatically be entered into a draw to win one of five signed copies of Crossover. All four components must be contained within a single tweet to be eligible for the draw. The chosen word must be used in a sentence. One entry per username. Competition ends on 31st January 2014 at midnight GMT.