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New brand. New possibilities. We’ve launched our new brand identity. The branding evolution coincides with our continued growth into Asia and the United States. The branding isn’t a separate entity, distinct from our architecture or Balmond’s public art. Rather it is an extension of it. A reflection. Consequently, architectural and artistic elements actually shape and form the brand mechanics and aesthetic.

The logo’s rhombus and tinted Ammann tiling evoke the geometric investigation driving our design approach.

Algorithms are also an element of the look and feel, mirroring Balmond’s use of generative algorithm as structure, as well as the studio’s continuing research into non-linear organisational systems and emergent form making.

Content from the architectural and artistic process morph into brand imagery. Sketches, renders, fractals, and patterns, become layers - enhancing the narrative. This creates syncopated visual experiences on multiple scales. Another Balmond Studio trait.

“Our new branding is all about synergy. So we have placed the Balmond Studio design methodology at the heart of the brand itself.” says James Balmond, Creative Director.

The new branding is now live and it will be rolled out internationally across all offices and platforms over the coming weeks.